1. Do you provide same day pickup? Yes, the day the call is received your equipment is picked up.
  2. Do you provide loaners? Yes, in most instances loaners will be provided the next day.
  3. Do you provide repair/exchanges? Yes, not only do we do repair/exchanges, will can also replace equipment that is no longer repairable.
  4. Do you have a standard turnaround time for repairs? We have a 2 day turnaround time for minor repairs, 5-7 days for major repairs. Rush repairs are also provided when necessary.
  5. Do you provide service reports? Yes, we have a reporting system that will provide with a report that can be generated weekly, monthly, quarterly, or any time frame that’s requested.
  6. Do you provide warranties on your repairs? Yes, depending on the equipment, our warranties cover 90 days-12 months.
  7. Do you have experts available for troubleshooting? Yes, our experienced and highly trained technicians are available for free consultation.
  8. Do you provide Preventative Maintenance? Yes, we provide in-services and Preventative Maintenance Programs.
  9. Do you require a purchase order before equipment is picked up? No, the equipment is picked up, packaged, sent out, and returned before a purchase order is needed.
  10. Do you provide simple access to a representative? Yes, we have a direct cell phone line to an actual person to help answer questions or to troubleshoot equipment failures.
  • These are our Top Ten, if you have any questions not listed above please feel free to contact us.